lauantai 6. heinäkuuta 2019

Greetings from Hevosaho

I´m on a vacation. Deep down in Sotkamo. I have no means to post pictures from here, but I´ll be blogging them as soon as I go  back home. `till then; Have a great summer. 💗

17mm f4 1/40sec. ISO400

Added 13.7.2019. Pic shows the place I wrote the above. Not too shabby place to internet. Log cabin at a remote small lake, only cabin in there. A place of my vacation. Me love it. A lot. I´ll be posting holiday snaps coming days. Stay tuned. Peace out. 

Jos et usko rakkauteen etkä edes Jeesukseen
Niin voit minun puolestani lähteä vaikka Lahteen
Seuraavalla junalla Kainuuseen
Matka vie mun taas

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